Why MapleJet Hx Ultro Active Bulk Ink TIJ is the Ideal Choice for Multi-Track Form-Filling Machine Coding?

In industries such as snacks, personal care, and various consumer goods, where products are packaged using multi-track form-filling machines, the integration of coding printers with a traverse system is increasingly important. This system moves across different axes, enabling the efficient printing of date codes in multiple rows on packages.

This method is highly advantageous for manufacturers as it avoids the need for multiple printheads, leading to significant cost savings in equipment investment. It provides a straightforward, yet professional solution for applications that require accurate and sequential date code printing, streamlining the packaging process and enhancing overall efficiency.

Innovating Bulk Ink Technology
Historically, bulk ink systems in printers faced critical issues, primarily due to leakage caused by vibrations in high-volume manufacturing environments. This was a result of elevation-sensitive systems that couldn’t handle constant movement, leading to either ink overflow or starvation. The MapleJet Hx Ultro revolutionizes this domain by focusing on internal cartridge pressures rather than fluid levels. By eliminating the need for elevation adjustments, this automated active bulk ink system ensures consistent, efficient ink delivery without the hassles of overflow or starvation, making it a game changer for manufacturers.

Reduced Cost, Enhanced Efficiency
One of the standout features of the MapleJet Hx Ultro is its cost-effectiveness. Leveraging bulk ink technology, it significantly reduces the cost per print compared to traditional TIJ systems. However, it doesn’t compromise on the acclaimed benefits of TIJ – like clean coding, zero leakage, minimal maintenance, and a compact footprint. For businesses looking to optimize their operational costs without sacrificing quality and reliability, the Ultro system presents an ideal solution.MapleJet Hx Ultro delivers remarkable ease of integration into existing production lines, thanks to its compact design and small footprint. This feature is especially beneficial in the diverse manufacturing landscape, where flexibility and minimal disruption are crucial. The Hx Ultro’s design allows for quick, hassle-free setup and compatibility with various traverse systems, making it an ideal choice for industries seeking to enhance their printing capabilities without the need for extensive space or system modifications.

Ink mess and clean up

Thermal inkjet printheads are known for their minimal mess during production. In instances of light cleaning needs, a gentle alcohol-based solution is sufficient to remove any ink residue. Conversely, Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printing stations often accumulate ink over time, necessitating the use of strong solvents for cleaning. These solvents can pose health risks and typically require proper ventilation to ensure the safety of operators.

High-Performance Competitor to CIJ
In many applications where Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printers have traditionally dominated, the MapleJet Hx Ultro stands out with its high throw distance and high-speed capabilities. These features enable it to compete effectively with CIJ printers, offering more versatility and adaptability in various manufacturing scenarios. It’s a significant stride forward for industries, where speed and efficiency are key to staying ahead in the market.

The MapleJet Hx Ultro Fully Automated Bulk Ink Thermal Inkjet System is not just a printer; it’s a testament to innovation and efficiency in high-volume manufacturing. For production managers, company owners, and technical operators, this printer offers a promising path to enhanced productivity and reduced operational costs. Embracing this technology means stepping into a future where quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness go hand in hand.

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