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Industrial Inkjet Printer Encoder Overview

Do you have a variable speed production line and want to maintain print size and location without changing print settings each time? Encoder is the solution!
Encoder is a device designed to convert shaft rotation into a digital code. The device can be connected to the printer through a dedicated port to monitor the line’s speed and automatically translate it into print parameters. This helps to maintain print size and location without changing printer settings manually.
The Encoder can be installed in different areas depending on the production line. It can be mounted to the shafts, conveyor belt, or on the packaging machine film roller and etc..

Extra parts to consider

Encoder mounting

Compatible Maplejet® Printer Models

Maplejet Hx Nitro®
Maplejet Hx Ultro®
Maplejet Hx Cartro®
Maplejet PD Evo®

Application Videos

0.38 kg
12 × 11 × 7 cm
Included (56mm diameter)
Dedicated DB9 Port
Sold Separately

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