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Maplejet offers the best inkjet coding conveyors and feeders. These conveyors and feeders are the ultimate solution for manufacturers who need to print date / lot / batch codes and other product identification and traceability information.
Maplejet's industrial inkjet printers are designed to be easily mounted on a wide variety of packaging equipment and machinery like these conveyors and feeders.
All of the printers available from Maplejet can be mounted and installed on the conveyors and feeders listed in our website. These equipment provide best solution at all range from entry level inkjet coding conveyor or a more sophisticated bottom coding, or side belt, conveyor.
Mount our thermal inkjet printers on any of these equipment for a complete marking solution.  The combination of an inkjet coding conveyor with one of our thermal inkjet coders will allow you to easily print on glass, plastic, metal, textile, pipe, concrete, and so much more!
Hx Nitro Thermal Inkjet Printer-NeoMark Package The Maplejet® Hx Nitro Series bottle / lot / batch / barcode, Industrial Inkjet Printers offer various ink types to choose from; Solvent, Semi-Solvent and so on. Easily replace ink cartridges in less than 10 seconds! In addition, the Maplejet® Hx Nitro Industrial Inkjet Printers can support high throw distance cartridge up to 10mm.(eUrex)
Hx Ultro Thermal Inkjet Printer The Maplejet® Ultro Industrial Inkjet Printers are equipped with Fully-automated smart bulk ink delivery system for high consumption production lines. HX Ultro bulk ink delivery system reduces production down time as there's no need to stop the line to replace the cartridge. As a result, it's more cost effective and efficient.
Hx Cartro Inkjet Printer The Maplejet® Cartro date / lot / batch / barcode Industrial Inkjet Printers offers the greatest performance coding on boxes, coated boxes, corrugate, laminated carton, cardboard, paper, etc. It's 36mm print height provides larger prints on outer boxes.
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